Executive Compensation Plans

It is difficult to find and retain a top-notch executive in today’s marketplace. One of the key factors is the compensation package.

Our expertise is helping you to design a compensation package that can provide the best AFTER-TAX value to the executive.


Types of Compensation

Anyone can pay a salary. But, for every dollar of salary, income taxes take away almost 40 cents. Some more tax-efficient and useful compensation plan components are:

  • 100% company paid Health & Dental plan
  • 100% company paid life and disability plan (benefit is a taxable benefit)
  • Health Spending Account for medical expenses not covered by a traditional group Health and Dental plan.
  • Disability Top-Up plan to cover the gap between a group plan maximum and typical entitlement.
  • Executive Retirement Account or Retirement Compensation Agreement to supplement a normal pension plan.
  • Split-Dollar life insurance which can double as key person insurance.
  • Financial and Estate Planning service. The company can pay for ‘fee-for-service’ financial planning.