Erven Planning Wealth Development

There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. If you want to have money, you need to have a solid plan for personal wealth development. Money won’t save itself and wealth needs a large amount of intervention from you to accumulate. The principles are simple.

To make money over time you need to:

  • Earn it
  • Save it
  • Invest it

It really is as simple as that, but don’t confuse simple with easy. To start you need a reliable stream of income that allows you to cover your monthly expenses and have a little left over to save. You need a proactive savings plan, then you need to prudently invest it so that your wealth grows. That’s not so easy.

If you want to have a secure income for your future, you need to look at your personal wealth development as soon as possible and start to organize your finances.

One of Erven Planning’s very first clients made a decision to save 10% of every paycheque he received, from his part-time high school job all the way through his career. He found that when he came to retire he had more income than when he had worked. That is what regular and prudent wealth development brings you – a secure future. But was the saving enough? How can 10% of every wage check equal over 100% of his earned paycheck at retirement? The math just doesn’t work out. That’s because his weekly money was saved – and invested – and that was what made all the difference. Not only did he have an excellent long-term strategy for accumulating personal wealth, he also lived well off the 90% he had left each week.

As each personal situation is unique, so are the solutions. At Erven Planning we help you develop a personal wealth plan that fits you and your circumstances so that you can achieve affordable financial security.

David Chilton, the author of ‘The Wealthy Barber’ books, has some wonderful common sense approaches to money. To him it’s simple – spend less than you earn. It is that simple. Here are some more great ideas from his book, ‘The Wealthy Barber Returns’:


  • The book begins, “I hate to begin with a harsh dose of reality, but here it goes: unless you marry into wealth or come from a well-to-do family (both highly advisable strategies, by the way), you’ll have to learn to spend less than you make.”
  • It’s hard to save because not many people these days have much of a support group or an incentive. More and more people are encouraging you to spend instead of save. Chilton says “there are only three Canadians that want you to set aside some money – your future, your financial advisor and me.”
  • “One of the most damaging misconceptions in personal finance is that saving for the future requires sacrifices today that lessen people’s enjoyment of life. Surprisingly, it’s quite the opposite!  People who live within their means tend to be happier and less stressed.  That’s not only true for the obvious reason – they know their futures look bright – but also because they are not consumed with consumption.”
  • We associate success to wealth and money too much.  Chilton says we even “mismeasure this mismeasurement because we gauge people’s financial success not by their net worth statements, but instead by their material possessions.”
  • We have trouble appreciating what we have for its own merit.  How we feel about our possessions and lifestyles is relative to the possessions and lifestyles of our friends and colleagues. Chilton says, “Much of what society deems conspicuous consumption is actually competitive consumption.”
  • Sometimes we obsess so much about what we don’t have that it affects our ability to enjoy what we do have. Put another way, Chilton says “When we covet things we can’t afford, we grow poorer regardless of our incomes. Conversely, when we’re satisfied with what we have, we are truly wealthy.” It’s not about getting what you want. It’s about wanting what you got.
  • Chilton talks about credit cards in the book. He says “It’s really this simple: credit cards allow us to act wealthier than we are and acting wealthy now makes it tough to be wealthy later.”


Creating a personal wealth development plan is the only way to accumulate wealth, which means a financially secure future. We understand this at Erven Planning, and we can help you with that plan. We look at all your finances and work out something that is achievable, affordable and effective, and that will bring results.

At Erven Planning, we have the knowledge, expertise, and products to help make your financial journey a success – ask us!